Road Signs and Speed Humps

Road Signs and Speed Humps
Road Signs and Speed Humps

As we all know, road signs and speed humps are there for the safety of all road users, but what if these signs are misleading or the humps simply misplaced?

Before one can apply for a learner’s licence, one has to study the road signs and road rules. One learns what each sign means, what it looks like and where it should be placed. These days, we find more and more signs that are misleading or simply don’t make any sense. On the corner of Pretorius- and Kruger Street, there is a sign showing that there is a pedestrian crossing, yet, while travelling down Pretorius Street there is no pedestrian crossing.

On your way into town from Pongola, there are both a 40km/h and a 60km/h sign, one behind the other. Does that mean you can decide whether to drive either 60km/h or 40km/h? On the other hand we have speed humps placed in some areas in town. We know that these speed humps are mainly there to slow down vehicles to ensure the safety of pedestrians, but some are not properly marked and others are more like speed bumps.

A speed hump requires a driver to slow down and pass over at a lower speed, but at some humps you have to literally stop to be able to cross over. At the corner of Pretorius- and Draad Street there is a speed hump placed on the stoping line in the street. Coming from the opposite side, this means you have to stop and then still pass over the hump, which is also more like a mountain.

So when its your turn to go, you have to wait till there are no other vehicles before being able to cross. When heading down Von Brandis Street, there are a few speed humps, where the paint has faded away. These are also so high they can rather be classified as speed bumps too. So the question is: are these road signs and speed bumps for the safety of road users, or could it be more of a safety hazard?