HPR National Archive Week

HPR Celebrates National Archive Week
HPR Celebrates National Archive Week

From the 9th to the 13th of May, South Africa celebrated National Archive Week.

So, to join in the celebrations, fifteen grade nine learners from Piet Retief High School took part in a workshop that was held in Ermelo on Thursday, the 12th of May. The aim of the workshop was to teach us what archives are and how archivists look after them. The main speaker was from the National Archive and he told us that some of the most important artefacts that they preserve are letters, tape recordings, cassettes, videos, books and CDs.

These artefacts are not necessarily only found in archives but can also be found in libraries and museums. He told us that all important artefacts in archives are kept in different vaults that are under high security. They are protected from fires, light, dampness, dust and unqualified people. He encouraged us to consider careers as archivists and librarians because South Africa lacks qualified people in both these careers.

The Deputy MEC of Education gave a talk about how young South Africans, especially teenagers, are losing their patriotism and how we should go back to our schools and remind our friends about who they are and where they come from. We are a rainbow nation and we should be proud of it. Here are some of the tips that she gave us to try and regain our patriotism, we have to respect all cultures, languages and colours, support and embrace South African music (rather than only listening to overseas music) Archive week_2and also respect our elders.

When students answered questions correctly they wrote down their names and at the end of the workshop the Deputy MEC of Education handed out prizes to the students. The prize was a CD with the African Union Anthem and The South African National Anthem on it plus a booklet called, The Passport of Patriotism, which has detailed information about the South African flag, National and Provincial Coat of Arms, National Orders, African Union and last but not least, The National Anthem. The whole day was worth the while and enjoyed by most. Thank you to all our teachers who made this learning opportunity possible.