Bedrock not so Rock Hard Heart

Bedrock not so Rock Hard Heart
Bedrock’s not so Rock Hard Heart

Nkonjaneni Daycare Centre received loads of toys from Bedrock on Wednesday 18, May 2016 when Bedrock gave back to the community where their employees come from.

Seeing that many of the employees at the Bedrock Sawmill, come from the Nkonjaneni community, the management of Bedrock decided that they wanted to give something back to the community there. Charmaine Laurence, Quintin Laurence and Suné van der Merwe from Pretoria and Glenn Barker (manager of all the mills) from Glenthorpe and Local staff, Riana Terblanche and Petrus Mbuyane (mill manager) handed over the toys.

Making caring for the children of the community easier and more interesting and thanking the parents for raising the employees and leaders for “tomorrow” came as an obvious necessity. Principal Rodah Dlamini thankfully accepted this great gift from Bedrock Mining Support. The little ones were inside the school while all the toys that were brought from Pretoria were packed out on the lawn. When they were allowed to file out, in neat rows their facial expressions variated from stunned astonishment to scarcely controllable excitement. After a few short formalities, they were allowed to explore and try out the new toys.

Some very tentative movements were made at first but gradually excitement took over! Little feet were moving faster and faster to get the coloured plastic scooters going. Others took to the colourful balls or building blocks and more. Nkonjaneni Daycare Centre’s little ones can only benefit from this lovely gesture. All the toys and books and colouring pencils/crayons will definitely stimulate learning. Thank you Bedrock! Keeping families happy, keeps employees happy.