Archery Club Reaches New Heights

Piet Retief Centre Shot Archery Club Reaches New Heights
Piet Retief Centre Shot Archery Club Reaches New Heights

On Saturday, the 28th of May, ten archers from the Piet Retief Centre Shot Archery Club travelled to Ermelo to take part in the SACSSA regional archery competition.

The archers, who practise twice a week, were rewarded for their hard work as they all did very well in the competition. The 11-year olds have to shoot from 7m and 10m at an archery competition while archers aged 13 and upwards shoot from 10m and 15m In the section for girls aged 11, Siegrid Dedekind came first with a score of 261/300 followed closely by Jordan Yiollaris with 260/300.

Trevor Coetzer came second in the section for boys aged 11 with a score of 236/300. The section for 13-year old boys was won by Liam Aslett with 241/300, Timon Dedekind came second with 238/300 and Hansie Scheepers fourth. As for the senior age group, under 19 girls, Lily Carr came first with 241/300 and for the boys Joshua Carr came third with 247/300. All of the Centre Shot archers, who attended the regionals, qualified for the SACSSA National Archery Championship which will be held in Ermelo in August. Congratulations!

You are wished all the best of luck. On the 16th of June 2016, the Piet Retief Centre Shot Archery Club will be hosting an archery competition at Wellspring Ministries. For further information, please contact Sheldon Hallis at 082 920 8573. Well done to all the Piet Retief archers with these excellent achievements.