Another Visit from the Phelophepa Train

Another Visit from the Phelophepa Train
A friendly staff member assisting with a routine eye test

From the 23rd of May to the 3rd of June 2016, the Phelophepa Train came to visit eMkhondo again.

The aim of this operation is to render health services to the less fortunate individuals throughout the town. The Transnet Phelophepa Train operates as a mobile healthcare hospital that is fully functional with all the necessary equipment needed to assist a person in need of healthcare advice. Often, individuals visiting the train are people suffering financial difficulties as well as lacking education regarding different illnesses. Services provided by the Phelophepa Train vary from eye testing, dental services, psychological treatment (after traumatic events) to even diabetes screening to name a few.

They make use of volunteers and final year medical students as well as local medical staff who are available to assist in the different areas. This initiative is not restricted to the train itself, students and staff are also sent out to rural areas to educate and assist people regarding all kinds of illnesses. Consultation is free and if any tests or screenings were performed on the train, they are followed up by local clinics. This is an annual initiative and the whole eMkhondo would like to thank the organisers and staff members of the Transnet Phelophepa Train for the great services rendered and we are looking forward to see you again next year!

A well trained nurse helping an individual with a smile
A well trained nurse helping an individual
with a smile