Sterilisation Campaign at Rustplaas Dog Shelter

Sterilisation Campaign at Rustplaas Dog Shelter
Sterilisation Campaign at Rustplaas Dog Shelter

The mobile clinic of the Veterinary Clinical Services at Badplaas, was once again put to good use when it was used in a campaign to assist in having dogs sterilised at Captain Louis Fourie’s Rustplaas Dog Shelter.

As Badplaas Clinical Services currently have the only active mobile clinic in the Gert Sibande District, local state vet, Dr Tarryn Ferguson, phoned them and asked for assistance in a local sterilisation campaign. The mobile clinic is usually used for similar campaigns in townships and remote, rural areas.

The need for sterilising dogs at the Rustplaas Dog Shelter is known to most of the residents in Mkhondo. A further well-known fact is that sterilising a dog is not cheap and with more than fifty dogs on the premises, Louis battles, even with donations received from time to time, to keep ahead and have dogs sterilised in time.

The green light was received and the happy day arrived. Dr Tarryn Ferguson (Mkhondo), Dr Brad Lees (Badplaas) and Dr Nicky Muller (a friend of Tarryn who is on her way to Abudabi) as well as three veterinary nurses sterilised 10 dogs on Thursday, 14 April. Three operations can be done similtaneously in the mobile clinic and on Thursday, four bitches were spayed and six male dogs were castrated between about 9:15 and 16:00.

The last operation was a bit more difficult as the dog bled more than expected and the operation therefore took a little longer. Unfortunately some of the dogs had got hold of food and had eaten the previous evening/early in the morning and could therefore not undergo the needed procedure.

Thank you, Dr Ferguson and team, all the helpers who came out for the day to assist in many ways and the Fourie family for their continuous caring and support. Although this looks like an easy way out, members of the public are hereby informed that unfortunately no sterlilization of pets can currently be done at the offices of the state vet.

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