Pork Found on Pavement!

The mound of pork spilling onto the pavement
The mound of pork spilling onto the pavement

With Kris Kristofferson’s song “Sunday mornin’ comin’ down” in mind, one would expect to find quiet, more or less deserted, pavements on a Sunday morning, true, but one would not expect to witness such a gruesome sight … On Sunday Morning, 17 April, residents in Smit Street were greeted with a torn apart, black, plastic bag on the pavement in front of their next door neighbour’s home, from which a mound of raw pork meat and pig’s hide were spilling. Although no waste is collected on Sunday mornings, the bag had been left out there, stinking. Dogs roaming the streets at night had presumably torn the bag open. Flies had already started gathering around the offal.

What does one do in such a case? The flesh of pork could simply not be left lying in the open all day. Especially when taken into consideration that the neighbours, when attempts were made to contact them, did not react at all. The residents, who found the meat, feel that things like this might even be cause for xenophobia – the relevant neighbours could apparently not speak English. The residents who brought the matter to the attention of the Excelsior News would like to thank Col. Alex Gous for his assistance and Mr Henk Nel for getting someone to clean up the mess – on a Sunday morning! Your efforts and help are greatly appreciated. A peaceful and quiet Sunday could ensue.