Mondi Science Career Week May

Mondi Science Career Week May 2016
Mondi Science Career Week May 2016

Mondi Science, Career Guidance and FET Skills Centre will be having a Career Week in the first week of May, from 3 to 6 May 2016.

There will be various presenters from different companies and Higher Education Institutions. The centre invites all neighbouring schools, youth forums and the public in general to come and gather information about different careers available. Institutions will be issuing brochures which have detailed information about various careers offered in their institutions, including requirements and duration of study.

Companies will be advertising the type of careers they have and giving detailed information about careers that are available in their companies. This event will help learners and not in school anymore young people to know more about different careers. The Centre is expecting about 5 000 learners and 120 educators. About 750 learners and 500 other young people are expected to attend.

Mangaliso Mathebula

Career Guidance manager

Mondi Science Career Week May 2016