Moira Roux Says Goodbye

Moira Roux
Moira Roux

Moira Roux is known by many residents as the pottery lady – she has taught many the art of making pottery articles.

Not only is Moira Roux a very good potter, she is also an artist and has been a very active Member of the VLU (“dagtak”) where various arts, crafts and other creative hobbies are practised. Moira grew up in Piet Retief, stayed in the UK for a while and after their return to Piet Retief, she and Peter (her late husband) stayed on the farm for another nine years. Moira is now, however, leaving Piet Retief, relocating permanently to Durban after all the years. She is, however, not ready to just sit back and do nothing, she is still going to teach pottery.

She wants to extend a general goodbye to all her family and friends whom she leaves behind. She thanks everyone for all the love and help shown to her and Peter during the years. She says she appreciates all the loving kindness Moira Roux that all bestowed upon her. After having been away to Durban for a while she also came back to visit and then stayed with brother, Graeme Blatchford for a while, but this time she says it is not simply goodbye, but “totsiens”. Goodbye, “totsiens”, Moira! Your friends and relatives here will sorely miss you, but our loss is your daughter’s gain! Good luck, may the Lord bless and keep you.