Miss 7 Continents

During the Miss 7 Continents beauty pageant in Bodrum, Turkey, the 19-year old Miss Andrea Abrahams was crowned as the 2016 Miss 7 Continents – really a great achievement.

In the Excelsior News of 8 April, it was reported that Andrea was on her way to Turkey, to represent her country, while taking part in the pageant. This followed after she had been crowned Miss Mpumalanga and was thereafter chosen to represent her country. She seems to have bowled over the judges /adjudicators. For the local people who know Andrea, this is not difficult to understand. She has an inner and natural beauty not easily equalled. One of her outfits for the many fashion shows during the competition was made by Faith Makowa – one of our Mkhondo Victorious Women in Christ. Andrea modelled the dress for a few people at Kebar before she left for Turkey and Ralph Rabe took photographs. Andrea looked stunning in the outfit!

The Excelsior News introduced Andrea to readers in May last year after she was crowned Miss Secunda. Some of the many other titles she can boast, like the Miss Blue Jeans in Pretoria, was also mentioned. Now, only a year later we can congratulate her once again – Miss 7 Continents – her ultimate title so far! Andrea represented South Africa and was one of 21 young ladies from Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Crimea, Denmark, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Kirgyzstan, Latvia, Maldova, Mongolia, Namibia, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Siberia, Spain, Turkey and the Ukraine. Andrea and the entrant from Greece were the youngest, both aged 19.

The eldest competitor was 26. One cannot help to think of Lady Di whose first photos seen by the public were those of her among the preschoolers where she worked and then later her beautiful wedding photos could be seen the world over when she became Princess Diana: The first Excelsior News photo of Andrea was taken among the children of Mkhondo House and even then her beauty was evident. Now all her hard work has paid off. Andrea will be interviewed when she is back home. Congratulations Andrea, your parents, other relatives and friends are extremely proud of you.

Andrea Abrahams Crowned as Miss 7 Continents
Andrea in her Faith Makowa outfit

Andrea among the pupils of <a href=
Mkhondo House – May 2015″ width=”502″ height=”753″ /> Andrea among the pupils of Mkhondo House – May 2015

Andrea Abrahams Crowned as Miss 7 Continents
Miss 7 Continents – Andrea Abrahams

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