Celebration of Womanhood

An Evening of Magic in Celebration of Womanhood
An Evening of Magic in Celebration of Womanhood
An Evening of Magic in Celebration of Womanhood – What a lovely evening all the local ladies who attended the stylish evening at Welverdiend on Friday, 13 May, had.

It was almost like a who’s who event when a large number of local ladies started arriving at the TWK Welverdiend venue. All of them were dressed elegantly and anticipation for what lay ahead was evident. The ladies were not disappointed. Everyone seems to have enjoyed the evening tremendously. Listening to the ever beautiful and elegant Jackie Burger – former editor of Elle Magazine – as she led a style conversation with the attending ladies, was really worth the while.

Jackie simply has the rare gift of making every woman feel special and beautiful. It was a wonderful evening of celebration! The reason for celebrating together, was the realisation of the beauty of being a woman and being applauded for the uniqueness that being a woman entails. Ladies who attended were spoilt with exceptional and out of the ordinary food. Thank you to the ladies of Munch, it was delicious!

A big thank you to San- Marie Brauckmann for organising the event! Thank you to all the sponsors and everyone who helped in any one way or another to make the evening so special. San-Marie extends a word of thanks to the ladies of Piet Retief for making her dream come true: “My vision was to create an event where we could all share creative ideas, make conversation with friends and when you leave you would feel special and realise that, although we are all different, we should feel comfortable with our own style, feel good about ourselves and project a positive image in order to inspire people around us!

Thank you for sharing the evening with us.” All proceeds of the evening goes to Victorious Women in Christ, Piet Retief, an interdenominational group of women working together to spread God’s message of love to the ladies and girls of the Mkhondo area.

An Evening of Magic in Celebration of Womanhood
Zeli Dlamini entertaining the ladies with her magical voice
An Evening of Magic in Celebration of Womanhood
Style guru Jackie Burger and organiser of the event, San-Marie Brauckmann