Joshua Oberholster Youngest Member of HOG Big Five

HOG Big Five – It was with great excitement that on our recent One Nighter ride to Piet Retief, a wonderful event took place.

The group had been promised a ‘Surprise’ on the way, and so when the Pack of Harleys pulled in to the Cradle of Life at Badplaas, everyone thought it was just to replenish fuel in the tanks at the filling station.

However, just maybe there would also be time to have a quick refreshing drink before climbing on again, and getting on the road to Piet Retief. But, the surprise-stop was not only to have a game drive to see the wild animals on the farm, but it was to be a BIG surprise for young Joshua Oberholster (who will turn 9 in May) as well. Young Joshua was called forward by the director of the Big Five Chapter, Oskar Rottcher.

Suddenly there was shyness, and bewilderment, as he had no idea what was going to take place. A package was handed over, and opened, and he was presented with his ‘Youth – Young Hoggers’ colours and scroll. Joshua had just become the youngest member of the Big Five Harley Owners Group Chapter, under his parents’ membership. We have joined other Chapters across the country, who have done the same.

It is an honorary membership. His parents, Jo and Leona Oberholster had become new members of the Chapter recently, and this was also their first outing with the Chapter, and so it was an opportune moment to hand over the ‘Young Hoggers’ scroll and ‘Rocker’ to young Joshua.

The scroll represents the worldwide Hog organisation, and the Rocker, which is placed above the scroll, is the name of the Chapter he belongs to. It was a momentous occasion for all of us, and more so for his parents, where a slight mistiness in the eyes was noticed! Much too young to ride a Harley, but nonetheless, this is where the passion begins to grow; a young mind and heart will become attuned to the thrill and sound of his Father’s Harley’s V Twin engine, and the feel of the pillion seat under him, as he joins his Father on various rides. So will begin the yearning and desire to have his own Harley one day.

It was a wonderful pleasure to see the smile on his face, as the realisation began to dawn on him, that he had now just received his own ‘Colours’. BIG FIVE HARLEY OWNERS GROUP – NELSPRUIT wish him and his dad many safe kilometres on their Harley. Joshua, wear your colours with pride and know that there are millions of friends across the world wearing their colours with you, representing this illustrious brand of motorcycle. Carry it with respect because it is an honour to do so. RIDE SAFE. Oskar Rottcher Director – Big Five Chapter

Joshua Oberholster Becomes Youngest Member of HOG Big Five
Joshua Oberholster Becomes Youngest Member of HOG Big Five