Home Schoolers at Freddie’s Workshop

Home Schoolers
Freddie’s Workshop
Freddie’s Workshop – Some of the Piet Retief Home Schoolers have had the opportunity to take part in a Handup Electronics Workshop during may and they will do so again next week (3 to 5 May).

Freddie’s Workshop – Mr Freddie Pretorius, the facilitator and founder of the Handup Electronic Workshops, is a retired Electronic and Automatic Control Engineer and says he is now in the “legacy phase” of his life – when one gets older and feels the need to carry your knowledge, experience and gathered wisdom over to Home Schoolers.

As ex lecturer and someone with experience in the design and manufacture of electronic products, Freddie is an ideal person to empower children to become the entrepreneurs and engineers of tomorrow. He also wants to lead them into the understanding and use of micro-computers.

Apparently being trained and good at working with microcomputers is a proven recipe of success when one needs to find a proper income. “Oom” Freddie says that he enjoys teaching the children the “little tricks” that he has learnt. He designs whatever is needed as and when the need arises. This starts with basic needs such as food, therefore Freddie has inter alia designed a solar powered incubator.

The need for safety inspired him to for example, design an alarm for farmers starting off with a bomb cracker, sending out lots of cayenne pepper-filled smoke. These workshops are brought to the children all over the country at public schools as well as to children doing home schooling. Interest in the workshops is phenomenal. One wonders what the age limit for learning about micro-computers is …


Freddie’s Workshop
Freddie’s Workshop