Community Corrections Care for the Poor

Community Corrections Care for the Poor
The duties of Community Corrections officials include the monitoring of parolees and when one official carried out this duty, he discovered something that moved his heart.

The monitoring official, Mr Nhleko, discovered a struggling family that is in dire need of food and clothing – a very, very poor family, where the children often have to go to bed without having been fed and where no proper clothing is available. The “home” is situated near the border in the Houdkop area and is in very bad shape. The four adults and three children (between the ages of two and eight) who live there have no financial income and the living conditions are definitely not conducive for raising a family.

Mr Nhleko and Ms Thwala (social worker) and the other officials at the Community Corrections Office then collected money among themselves and bought food for the family. Their concern is, however, that the said food will not last long. Therefore the officials at the Community Corrections office are requesting the community to assist this family in any possible way.

If you want to donate any food or clothing to alleviate the family’s desperate situation, you can take it directly to their offices in Smit Street or contact them telephonically at 017 826 5404 or 017 826 0811.