Spider bites – Stay Alert

Spider bites - Beware and Stay Alert
Spider bites - Beware and Stay Alert

Spider bites are becoming more common. Due to the forestry environment we are surrounded by, it is normal to spot a garden spider crawling around your home.

Most spider bites are harmless, though the symptoms of an after bite from a spider cannot go unnoticed. Those spiders that initially bite us don’t usually cause serious problems. The initial bite may be painless, but gradually will itch, hurt, and turn red. This is normally called a “bull’s eye” or “target lesion,” which can blister and grow progressively worse without treatment. Most spiders are harmless and don’t attack, unless provoked. Most bug bites and stings are usually just uncomfortable, however, some people are allergic to the venom from the stings and this could be dangerous.

Most insect bites and stings generate only minor skin symptoms such as itching, pain or swelling around the site, as well as burning and tingling. If bitten by a spider one should clean the bite with a mild soap and water, apply a cold pack to the bite, to reduce pain and inflammation, take pain relievers as needed and observe the bites for any signs of infection and try a nonprescription medicine for the relief of itching, redness and swelling. If bitten by a poisonous spider, seek immediate medical attention. Making young children aware of dangerous spiders could change the outcome of a nasty situation.