Prepaid meter cards

Excelsior News - Letter to Editor
Excelsior News - Letter to Editor

This is an appeal to the honourable Mkhondo Municipality, on behalf of many poor Mkhondo residents, regarding prepaid meter cards for electricity.

Please note that this letter is written with the utmost respect. Could you please allow all residents to be able to purchase prepaid electricity whenever they need it, even when the actual meter cards are not in their possession. The lives of residents are made unnessecarily difficult if at all times the card must be produced. Do we not live in a world of ever changing technology? If for example, an old lady at home runs out of and urgently needs electricity, she can give the correct meter numbers to someone who can buy the electricity for her in town. In such a case, what does it matter to the “point of service” whether we produce the card or not?

It is common practice in other towns, that councils allow the purchase of prepaid electricity without the actual meter card being produced. Following suit, the Mkhondo Municipality can just make life a little easier for their voting residents. Let us not be a stereotype community, but please let us move with the changing times. Kindly take note that we need action. Thanking the honourable Municipal Manager and his team, in anticipation. Veli Masuku 079 153 6801