Poor maintenance of pavements

Poor maintenance of pavements
Poor maintenance of pavements

Poor maintenance of pavements is sadly one of the issues and complaints that have come by.

Due to the storm water drains not being managed properly, the basic maintenance that is required has not been carried out. Is it due to poor workmanship, inadequate supplies or no maintenance at all, is the big question. Upon publishing of this article, feedback could not be obtained from the municipality.

Photos of the damaged storm water drain that have been taken this week are the same as those published in an article in the Excelsior News on the 8 January 2016. No change has been noted besides the growing grass around the hole and the discolored barrier tape, that shows no reconstructive maintenance has been attempted.

Poor maintenance of pavements
The drain where a pedestrian fell, with the discoloured barrier tape

It’s sad to note that a pedestrian was injured when he stepped into this hole during December 2015 and fell. Up to date it has not been repaired and that shows a lack in service delivery and safety for our residents being set aside due to unknown reasons.

Poor maintenance of pavements
This storm water drain has been used to dispose of litter in Kruger Street

At the traffic light intersection in Smith Street at the corner of Church Street, the storm water drain is also damaged. That road is used daily by pedestrians and motorists. Yes the damaged drain could be the cause of the trucks using that intersection, but that does not mean that it should not be fixed. These damaged storm water drains can be visible in Kotze Street and Kruger Street as well.

The opened and exposed holes are now being filled with litter. The glorious rain was welcomed by many, but are our storm water drains maintained to fulfill the purposes that they are meant for? Our municipality is there to offer a service to the community.

A service which is respectfully due to our pedestrians and motorists too. When there is a loophole regarding these services that contributes to the safety of our residents, it means that somewhere along the line there is failure in the system. Hopefully these issues will be ironed out and the services that are due to Mkhondo residents will be brought back to normal without any issues and excuses.

6 March 2020 – Wimpy Piet Retief recently sponsored safety vests for Piet Retief Primary School’s scholar patrol team.

These scholars assist children and parents in crossing the road at the Church – and Mark Street crossing and they play a crucial role in the safety of their fellow scholars. Now they will be clearly visible to motorists who use these streets. Thank you Pieter and Delize van Eeden of Wimpy for the sponsoring of these vests, it is much appreciated!

Business assists in road safety.Proud to be members of the scholar patrol team