New Vet at State Veterinary Offices

New Vet at the State Veterinary Offices
Dr Tarryn Ferguson

We welcome Dr Tarryn Ferguson in our midst at the State Veterinary Offices this week.

That means that a new vet is appointed annually at some state veterinary offices. Students can usually choose fifteen places, where they would prefer to do their CCS, from a list.

Piet Retief was not one of Dr Tarryn Ferguson’s choices. In fact, she did not even know of the existence of a place like Piet Retief or Mkhondo when she was sent here. She is currently the vet at the State Veterinary Offices in town and say that ours is a lovely town.

When veterinary surgeons, doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and more complete their studies, they have to do one (in some cases more) year’s CCS (compulsory community service).

Dr Ferguson comes from Bergvliet in the Western Cape. She says that she has always wanted to become a vet, ever since she was nine years old. She read many books on veterinary subjects and one, about a couple who were both vets, made a very big impression on her. She has a passion for working with animals and people which makes her very well suited for her current position.

She, after all, works with animals (farm animals and pets) on a daily basis and of course has contact with the owners of the animals and other members of the public. The young, friendly, Dr Ferguson, is very helpful and her passion for animals is clear. She likes jogging, so, members of the Assegaai Marathon Club, take note and let her feel at home. Welcome, Dr Ferguson! The residents of Piet Retief and the farmers in Mkhondo are surely very glad to have you here. May your stay be blessed and worth the while.