Miss 7 Continents 2016

Andrea Abrahams Miss 7 Continents

Miss 7 Continents 2016 – Andrea Abrahams is on her way to another beauty pageant title. One can only but wonder what we have in our area that causes so many beauties to come from here?

Thandoyenkosi Kunene was recently crowned Miss South Africa 2016, Rolene Strauss (from Volksrust) was crowned Miss South Africa and then Miss World (2014). We of course also have finalists in other competitions, like Nadine Kruger who was a semi-finalist in the Ms RSA Plus Size pageant recently and our young girls are also doing exceptionally well if you consider girls like Atoinette Janse van Vuuren and of course, Andrea Abrahams. Andrea added another title to her string of titles when she was crowned Miss Junior SA Mpumalanga in Pretoria on 26 March 2016.

Andrea was selected, however, over and above the other provinces’ winners and the overall winner and princesses of the Miss Jnr SA competition to participate in the Miss 7 Continents 2016 pageant in turkey during May. What a great honour! This is an excellent opportunity for the 19-year old Andrea to not only represent her hometown, province and country at an international competition, but also to achieve togetherness with young people from around the world. When speaking to Andrea, one realises that she has something very special. She is not merely outwardly and naturally beautiful, she is girl with a heart and passion for the people around her and for children.

The Miss 7 Continents Pageant takes place in Bodrum, Turkey, from 6 to 16 May 2016 and only a few days are available for her family to raise the necessary R40 000-00 to cover costs for entry fees, return airfare and airport transfers, accommodation, meals, outings and more. Anyone who would like to assist Andrea may contact Marina Stander at Excelsior News for full details. All contestants will need to perform a talent, be interviewed by the judges and will be part of several fashion shows during the competition. We can really be proud of her as each country may send only one contestant and she has been selected. Congratulation on being crowned Miss Jnr South Africa Mpumalanga, Andrea, and good luck with the Miss 7 Continents 2016 pageant!