Poor service at Licence Department

Excelsior News - Letter to Editor
Excelsior News - Letter to Editor

So many residents have been complaining, not only recently but for quite a long time, about service at the local Licence Department.

When I recently had to make use of the Dumbe Traffic Licence Department in Paulpietersurg, due to specific circumstances, I was expecting nothing better than the service we are all used to. What a surprise was instal for me! Utter professional, friendly, courteous officials received and helped me. For a start, I was greeted in an extremely friendly and respectful way and asked how I could be assisted. Everything, from applications through eye tests, fingerprints and payment was done in one room and moving from one station to the other happened in a streamlined manner. No-one was eating or chewing gum while serving clients.

Neither were employees chatting away to one another while customers were waiting and this resulted in there being no long queues. All officials acted in a professional and friendly way. My personal circumstances were taken into consideration and they were very accommodating when organising follow-up appointments. A very personal flavour, thanks! We may only hope that the Mkhondo Licence Department will live up to such high standards in future. New premises, new attitudes and improved service … Hopeful in anticipation of improvement. Satisfied licence applicator