Keep Safe These Easter Holidays

Keep Safe These Easter Holidays
Keep Safe These Easter Holidays

The Easter Holidays are one of the most critical periods for Road Traffic Management Authorities in the country.

There is a massive increase in the different modes of transport. The different safety departments will be working together to keep our roads safer, during the coming Easter.

By working together we can have the biggest impact in making our roads safer. Various joint operations with the SAPS, Local and Provincial Traffic Departments and other Law Enforcement Agencies will all be involved in the Easter operations.

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They will be focusing on driver fitness, vehicle roadworthiness and compliance on public transport. The traffic officials have a zero tolerance approach towards alcohol abuse by both drivers and pedestrians. The Road Traffic Management Authorities and their teams would like to urge all motorists, particularly during the Easter weekend, to: – Not speed – Not drink and drive – Be extra mindful of pedestrians –

Not use cellphones while driving – Ensure that they buckle up, and the most important thing is that children in the vehicle should be buckled up as well. Motorists are also urged to be extra vigilant during 18:00 and 21:00 in the evening when most accidents are recorded on our roads. In doing so, we can ensure that after our various travels, we all get safely home. Safe travelling and happy holidays!