Innovative Farming by Local Resident

Innovative Farming
Amos Mntungwa and Ndumiso Manana with Moses Fakude displaying some very healthy mealies at the bakkie with lettuce seedlings

Innovative Farming by Local Resident – Moses Fakude’s vegetable gardening skills are going from strength to strength.

Previous articles have appeared in the Excelsior News regarding Moses’s vegetable gardening and how he empowers others by sharing his knowledge and teaching them to grow vegetables. After the company, for which he previously worked as a professional driver, had been liquidated, Moses, left with only a bakkie, had to make a plan. That is how it happened that he started growing vegetables. Now Moses has grown into a real entrepreneur, supplying vegetables to inter alia the Tuisnywerheid.

Moses says that he wants to especially thank the people at Tuisnywerheid for their encouragement and for teaching him business skills which he did not have before. He also thanks TWK for their wonderful support. As irrigation is always a problem, Moses has built a pond in which to gather storm water. He also bought and erected a pump in order to get enough water to all the vegetables. Therefore, when it is raining, Moses is happy, but at the moment Moses is fearing winter and its water scarcety. Currently he mostly has mealies, “hot” spinach and cabbage. Moses and his helpers, Amos Mntungwa and Ndumiso Manana, are planting lettuce seedlings at the moment. When asked how one can go about buying vegetables from him, Moses replied, “Buy them from the Tuisnywerheid.”