Easter Traffic News

Easter Traffic News
Easter Traffic News
This year’s road death toll over the Easter weekend has been reported to be of the lowest in five years.

This seems to be the case throughout the country with a 46% decrease in fatalities from last year (2015). With all traffic officers agreeing to work extremely long hours, monitoring roads, and motorists showing a good attitude, the number of fatalities on the roads over the Easter weekend has been reduced dramatically.

Our Mkhondo traffic officials all did their utmost best to let the traffic flow smoothly through town working shifts from 10:00 to 17:00. Although severe traffic congestion was experienced on the N2 from the Pongola side of town as well as in town, traffic flowed smoothly through town, thanks to Mkhondo traffic officials. Only one minor accident was reported, in the Mkhondo area (on the Pongola Road) during the Easter weekend. Mr Msibi (he was stationed at the Standard Bank intersecion) and his team of traffic officials could be seen at all intersections, regulating traffic in a friendly and efficient way.

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Mr Msibi says that the traffic seemed to be a little less than during previous Easter weekends. He also says that motorists and even passengers were very accommodating. Their good behaviour assisted the traffic officials in doing their duty. Mr Msibi wants to thank all the traffic officials for for their hard work. Each and every one of them laboured away to ensure the safe passing of traffic through town. Residents of Mkhondo would like to thank Mr Msibi and his team as well. You do our town proud.

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