Who is responsible for damaging the storm water drain in Church Street next to the slipway towards the N2 (Pongola Road?

Definitely driven over by a truck… and no one has attempted to fix it up. The storm water drain is damaged and is a danger to pedestrians and motorists using Church Street. Clearly visible to motorists driving past, the drain has not been fixed and no attempt to warn pedestrians of the danger lying ahead is visible. The condition of our sidewalks and storm water drains is deteriorating and clearly visible as one drives through Mkhondo.

The poor condition of our streets stirs many questions that are unanswered. The fact that it causes an inconvenience, as pedestrians have to walk in the street to avoid falling over the drain is not acceptable. Church Street is the main street where traffic flow is constantly busy and pedestrians have to now walk off the sidewalk and onto the road. It’s about time our sidewalks and the storm water drains get serviced before it causes harm to an unfortunate citizen.