Mkhondo LFA Update

Mkhondo LFA
Mkhondo LFA

It’s super sport entertainment to watch the games played between the teams in the Mkhondo Local Football Association Development League.

On Saturday, 27 February 2016, soccer matches were played at different venues in the Mkhondo LFA (Local Football Association) League. Peace Lovers FC left Real Stars FC on their knees with a knockout 8-2, Young Tigers FC won against Swallows FC 2-1, Amapansula FC played a winning 3-1 against Spurs FC, Vultures FC left HiFi FC behind with 2-0, Real Madrid FC had a sad loss against Juventus FC 1-4, Killers FC lost against Combination FC 0-2 and Mandela Cross FC ended the day with a phenomenal win against New Stars FC with 5-3.

On Sunday, 28 February 2016, the games continued with exciting matches taking the scores to different heights. Peace Lovers FC lost against Juventus FC 1-2, New Stars FC lost against Amanpansula FC 0-2, Swallows FC left HiFi FC behind with 2-1, Peacemakers took the lead against Arrows FC 3-2, Vultures FC took the win with a strong game against Spurs FC 7-2, Mandela Cross FC reigned with a win against Killers FC 2-0 and Young Tigers FC ended the day with a draw against Real Stars FC, each taking 1 goal. So the games continue and the winning teams carry their goals with pride!