Mkhondo Autism Support Group

Autism, a Reality in our Midst
Autism, a Reality in our Midst
The Mkhondo Autism Support Group has a day care centre at the Lutheran Church in Ethandakukhanya, where 11 children with autism are currently cared for during the day.

The ages of the children at the centre range from about four years old to 16. One caregiver and one mother take care of them and they are fed with good food. Therefore, some volunteers went to the centre on Monday, 29 February, to start a little vegetable garden in an urban box.

The box is a large container on wheels, so the position can be altered and is waterproofed on the sides. It is also more accessible and easy to reach than a bed in the ground, for those children who are able to plant vegetables and water them too. The children were given watering cans for watering the vegetable plants as well. Most parents have to work and it can be very dangerous to leave a child with autism unattended as he or she might injure him/herself.

Autism, a Reality in our Midst
Planting vegetables and sharing love at the centre

Although the project is financed by the parents themselves, the centre grants them the opportunity to work, while their precious children are in safe care. Autism is apparently caused by pollution – plastics, GMO’s, poisons and even vaccines (when administered to a child who is not healthy enough). Should present circumstances be maintained, every second child might be diagnosed with autism by 2045 … World Autism Awareness Day is celebrated on the 2nd of April this year. The Mkhondo Autism Support Group will, however, have a march through the streets of Piet Retief on 9 April, all wearing blue, to create awareness for autism.

Should anyone desire to be part of the Mkhondo Autism Support Group, or want to donate anything for the children to use at the centre, contact the chairman of the committee, Pastor Tom Madonsela (Extension Officer in Paulpietersburg) at 082 4547340 or Ms Uschi BÖhmer at the Piet Retief Pharmacy. Some of the children at the centre cannot even read and write while the available indoor space is rather confined for play activities. Currently the committee is therefore looking into the possibility of getting some or other sandpit, like an old very large tyre filled with sand, in which the children can play. All contributions will be sincerely appreciated.