What a Mess in Church Street!

What a Mess in Church Street!
What a Mess in Church Street!
Walking down Church Street late in the afternoon leaves one wondering who is going to pick up the mess that was left behind, after the day’s business dealings.

The afternoon ends with a hustle and bustle as everyone is in a hurry to go home, but do people look back and realize what a mess they have left behind? Cardboard boxes and litter lie along the pavements which make the streets look unkempt and untidy. Shop owners and managers need to take control of their waste. Leaving it lying around in the streets shows how inconsiderate people can be. The bins provided are there for pedestrians to use to dispose of their litter.

What a Mess in Church Street!Shop owners surround the litter bin with their refuse, which makes it difficult for pedestrians to reach the allocated dustbins and so they resort to throwing the litter on the street. As the evening approaches and the streets become quieter, out comes the ‘street angels’ that pick up and clear away all the rubbish, leaving our streets clean and neat, once again. These municipal workers work after hours to make sure that when we return in the morning our town looks neat and presentable for us to carry on with business and our daily routines as usual.

Businesses need to take responsibility and dispose of their cardboard refuse in a proper manner. Richard Msibi from the Solid Waste department said that, “it is the shop owners’ responsibility to get rid of their cardboard boxes and not to leave it lying around, as it causes an inconvenience to pedestrians.” There is a dump site situated on the N2, when entering from Pongola side, which can be utilized for large amounts of waste, or an alternative suggestion would be for business owners to make arrangements with waste companies to buy the cardboard boxes for recycling purposes. That would not only be friendly to the environment but will also relieve our streets from the clutter of waste that crowds the sidewalk bins.

Piet Retief Street Litter_04Once again we need our town and our community to take accountability for their own mess and not expect someone to pick up behind you. It does not portray a good image to people using the main street and our refuse is lying around making our town look untidy and unclean. Thank you to our ‘street angels’, Mr Richard Msibi from Solid Waste department and his team that go the extra mile to ensure that Mkhondo looks clean and neat at the end of the day.