Local SAPS Wide Awake

Local SAPS Wide Awake

Crime seems to be in an upward curve at present but members of our local SAPS has had numerous successes.

More than 80 perpetrators were arrested for so-called B-crimes (the lesser evils of the evils) last weekend. Burglaries and housebreakings occurred all over and were not restricted to one specific area. (Residents, do not tempt anyone, store your belongings safely).

Theft of copper, especially in the Dirkiesdorp area, occurred as well. Many illegal immigrants (18), two in connection with dealing in dagga and one in possession of copper cable, were arrested at the Mahamba Border Post. The Mahamba Border Police is currently assisted by sergeants Molefe and Nkele from the National Head Office: division Visible Policing (Pretoria) and their specialised dogs. They are deployed in the Mahamba area for two months. WO Henn made successful arrests at the taxi rank when dagga, rock and nayope were found. In one incident, the where, why and other circumstances of which is not yet known, one person was shot with a rubber bullet by the police. The matter is still being investigated.

Another burglary occurred in Amsterdam where access to a building was, once again, gained through the roof. The suspects, detained after being arrested for possession of illegal firearms last week, were scheduled to appear in the Mahamba Periodical Court on Wednesday, 9 March, for bail application. No serious incidents were reported in the Mkhondo area during the Voter’s Registration weekend. Operation Jock was up and running right through the weekend. Members of the SAPS were on duty, visible and alert and the control room was manned at all times. We can be proud of the SAPS in Mkhondo.