Cashbuild’s Art-at-Heart Community Project

Cashbuild’s Art-at-Heart Community Project
Art at the Heart of the Community

“Cashbuild’s Art-at-Heart Community Project was born out of Cashbuild’s realisation that “community” is a cornerstone, not only of Cashbuild, but also of Southern Africa as a whole.

With Cashbuild’s Art-at-Heart Community Project commitment to educational foundations as a key pillar for future generations, it became evident that a standard and relevant tool/ device, that would be inclusive and relevant to any community in which Cashbuild trades, had to be utilised. To this end, art (with its cross-cultural, multilingual appeal) was selected as the catalyst for Art-at-Heart. “Cashbuild’s Art-at-Heart Community Project engages the learners twofold;

  1. Educational bias is eliminated as art knows no boundaries, is not prescriptive and allows for personal relevance and interpretation. Incorporating a Cashbuild “theme” into the art criteria, actively engages the educators, learners and parents with the Cashbuild brand.
  2. Further to “art” being a criteria for participation, schools are encouraged to perform at each event, this extension of the project provides a showcase for schools to bring their cultural programmes to the community and collectively express their creativity, ingenuity, initiative and resourcefulness.”

Since launching the campaign 16 years ago, Cashbuild’s Art-at-Heart Community Project has helped more than 2 200 schools in Southern Africa with over R26-million worth Dylan Gertenbach, Samke Nkosi, Miss. Jolize Botha (Art teacher), Bonga Mbamali and Nqobile Makowa of building material. At the beginning of 2016, Cashbuild approached Piet Retief Primary School to take part in their Art-at-Heart Community Project.

Where it all began

Learners were required to create an artwork promoting the Cashbuild brand by featuring the Cashbuild building and/or hardware from the store, on an A4 sheet of paper. Piet Retief Primary School is proud to announce that more than 35 voluntary entries were received from learners. Twentyfive drawings were submitted to Cashbuild on Monday, 8 February 2016.

Congratulations to Bonga Mbamali, Dylan Gertenbach, Nqobile Makowa and Samke Nkosi who were chosen by Cashbuild as winners! Bonga received bronze, Dylan silver and Samke gold. Nqobile Makowa won the manager’s choice award and received a trophy and school supplies to the value of R500-00. Piet Retief Primary School won a cheque to the value of R15 000- 00! The staff and learners at the Piet Retief Primary School are very grateful to have had the wonderful opportunity of taking part. Thank you, Cashbuild!