Blind Spot Causes Inconvenience


Blind Spot – Visibility and awareness are key contributors to maintaining safety on the road. Sometimes even the safest drivers are involved in accidents due to blind spots.

In the majority of cases the collisions occur when drivers pull out unaware that there is a car in their blind spot. When motorists come to the stop sign at the T-junction at Jacaranda Lane and Mosque Road, the traffic travelling on Mosque Road is invisible. This is due to the unkempt sidewalk. The grass has grown and no one has seen to the maintenance in that area. This is definitely not safe and could possibly cause an unnecessary accident, which can be prevented by maintenance of the sidewalks.

It’s highly important to stop at the T-junction, but with the blind spot experienced by motorists, how is that possible? Yes, motorists have to follow the rules of the road at all times, but in this instance, how does one do that if the grass blocks the view and oncoming vehicles can only be seen by moving way over the stop street? This compromises safety of motorists and their passengers. Hopefully the sidewalks will be maintained in order for our motorists to reach their destinations safely.

blind spot