Accident Claims a Life

Piet Retief Accident
Piet Retief Accidents

Accident Claims a Life – One person was fatally injured during an accident that occurred on Wednesday, 2 March, on the N2 (Pongola road).

The accident happened at about 10:15 in the morning, when the driver of a red Terios tried to overtake a truck. Both vehicles were moving in the direction of Piet Retief.

Apparently the driver of the Terios tried to swerve back into his own lane to avoid a collision with an oncoming truck, but then the motor vehicle hit the left front of the truck that was being overtaken and was consequently knocked back into the lane of the oncoming truck and further collisions could not be prevented.

The oncoming truck ended up in the grass on the side of the road. The driver of the Terios was fatally injured and two other people sustained minor injuries.

On Friday, 4 March, at about 21:30 three vehicles were involved in an accident on the N2 (Ermelo road), but luckily there were no serious injuries. Again it seems as if the driver of one vehicle tried to overtake a second vehicle while it was not safe to do so. The two concerned vehicles were moving towards Piet Retief.

A collision could not, however, be prevented as another vehicle was coming from the Piet Retief direction, moving towards Ermelo. The driver of the “overtaking vehicle” left the scene before emergency staff, traffic officials or SAPS members arrived.

Also at about 19:00 on Sunday evening, 6 March, stray cattle caused another accident on the Wakkerstroom road. One person was injured seriously and three sustained minor injuries when the motor vehicle they were travelling in, collided with one of the stray cattle.

Two accidents occurred at more or less the same time on Sunday evening, 6 March.

At about 19:00, the driver of a white Toyota Corolla tried to overtake another vehicle while they were both moving towards Piet Retief on the N2 (Pongola). The driver realised that it was necessary to move back into his own lane to avoid a collision, but the Corolla “bumped” the vehicle he was overtaking and rolled. One person sustained minor injuries and another was injured rather seriously.

Motorists, take care. Do not overtake if you are not absolutely sure it is safe to do so and never overtake when a solid line prohibits same. When you have no choice but to drive at night be especially on the lookout for stray and wild animals on the road. Better be safe than sorry.