Toiling at Beautifying Mkhondo

Toiling at Beautifying Mkhondo
Mowing such a large lawn can be rather trying

Come on residents of Mkhondo, we all have a responsibility to save our planet. Let’s all work together at beautifying and cleaning our surroundings. Don’t always leave it to someone else.

Many complaints can be heard daily about the mess in town and surrounding areas. Illegal dumping, the careless abandoning of everyday waste (such as empty takeaway packages, plastic bottles, beer cans and more, sometimes unmentionable stuff) and ignoring of notices like “keep our town clean” are really disturbing. Such a mess can be seen literally everywhere in our surroundings and it is left to others to clean up. Everyday people armed with black bags, gloves and tongs can be seen slaving away to pick up other people’s litter.

The litterbugs should really be ashamed. After the lovely rains our district has experienced, everything is growing again! Unfortunately the same applies to weeds. Therefore it was heart-warming to notice workers from the Mkhondo Municipality cleaning up the gardens in the park at the northern entrance to town. Visitors to town definitely notice when everything is neat and tidy, but unfortunately the bad things often make a bigger impression on the mind. Would you recommend someone to visit a dirty, filthy, unkempt town? Therefore a big thank you goes to those who try so hard at keeping Mkhondo beautiful!

Toiling at Beautifying Mkhondo
Thank you Thabisile Mhlotswa and your team from Community Services for proudly cleaning our streets