Thokozani Streets like Dump Sites

Mkhondo Municipality - Thokozani Streets are Looking like Dump Sites
Thokozani Streets are Looking like Dump Sites
“When will our residents realise that dumping is illegal and prohibited?” said a local resident of Thokozani. Thokozani main road is actually the entrance to the Thandakukhanya and this is something residents need to realise.

The street corners are used by local residents to dispose of waste, as if it’s a dump site and that is not allowed. The municipality offers a service to the residents to allow them to dispose of their garbage and it seems as if the service is not being used. The stench of rotting food fills the air as one drives past the dump site. This is not safe and rather unhealthy for residents that live around the dumping area. “We need to start taking responsibility,” said a local business man.

“People don’t care about their surroundings and just discard their trash in front of my gate”. “Since Thokozani Main Street is at the entrance to Thandakukhanya it gives a bad impression of the township,” said a concerned resident. We need to start cleaning up and keep our houses and yards neat and tidy. Children are seen playing around this dumping area and it poses a health hazard as they are prone to contract illnesses. “How healthy can it be to open your bedroom window and smell someone else’s rotting garbage?” asked a resident. Thokozani needs a cleanup and the Municipality’s assistance is required immediately. Residents also need to realise that it’s their very own responsibility to keep their surroundings clean and make use of the provided services.

Mkhondo Municipality - Thokozani Streets are Looking like Dump Sites