Municipal consumer accounts

Dark times ahead
Dark times ahead

Dark Times Ahead? – Many a resident has been complaining about current municipal consumer accounts.

Last week a notice from the Mkhondo Municipality appeared in the Excelsior News regarding the pending termination of the bulk electricity supply to Mkhondo, due to the Mkhondo Municipality’s nonpayment to Eskom. Residents were then urged to settle all accounts (in arrears) for rates, taxes and electricity in order to enable the Municipality to pay their debt to Eskom.

Different voices were heard regarding the matter and yes, accounts are mostly received two months late and many frustrations surround the whole issue of reconciliation. It is, however, of the utmost importance that each and every resident and business owner make sure that they are on the right side of the law and that their payments are up to date. It is just as important that municipal officials make sure that all payments are credited and that reconciliation is done accordingly – also on the statements of account.

It is also expected of them to be fair and handle all residents in the same way. Should you query your consumer account, pay the Mkhondo Municipal offices a visit and have it sorted out. An Excelsior News employee was received at the said offices on Thursday, 14 January, in a very friendly and helpful way and was patiently guided through seven years of personal consumer account statements, until light was seen. (No pun intended).

Thank you, Mam, for giving your undivided attention and valuable time. Let us all rather be part of the solution regarding this dark issue instead of being part of the problem. If our residents and the Mkhondo Municipality alike comply with all the rules, darkness might not completely envelop us in the near future.