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A meeting was held by Mkhondo Soccer Clubs and discussions took place about all issues that had been raised.

The Mkhondo Local Football Association added another Sublocal Football Association under its affiliates, with the addition of Amsterdam Sublocal Football Association in the current season of 2015 and 2016. On Saturday, 23 January 2016, the Mkhondo LFA Executive visited Amsterdam to check on the progress made and talk to club representatives. The Mkhondo LFA found that all was in order and the league games were being played on a regular basis on one field. That was a decision taken by all clubs, since it is the first time ever to have a league in Amsterdam. Some clubs voiced their dissatisfaction on some elected members of the Amsterdam Sub-LFA, alleging that they are biased towards Birds Football Club and they therefore wanted them out of the executive committee.

The president of Mkhondo LFA, Mr Nhlanhla Mkhonza, then explained the procedure to dismiss elected officials, which included a petition signed by all clubs calling for a Special General Meeting. The clubs said that they will look into the matter of signing a petition. The good news for Amsterdam is the possibility of hosting this season’s Mkhondo Promotion League 2015/16 playoffs, provided that there will be two venues that will be used which are of acceptable standard. The Mkhondo Promotion League will be held at a venue to be confirmed in May 2016.