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Kempville Roads Patched

Kempville residents have raised concerns over the road construction being done on the Kempville roads.

The potholes are being repaired, but the question is for how long will this fix last? Potholes cover the roads and make driving difficult as motorists has to manoeuvre in between them to get to their destinations. It’s becoming a real issue as once it gets fixed, it doesn’t last long enough. The patch work construction seems to be a temporary fix as the tar wears off in no time, only to be left with the same pothole, and this time it’s bigger and more inconvenient.

“Numerous concerns have been raised regarding the condition of our roads” said residents, “and there seems to be no sound stable relief”. “The temporary fix done by the construction workers, is highly noted but, when will our roads be fixed permanently with proper, solid material?” asked another resident. On Springbok Lane there is a portion of the tar that has been removed by road workers for maintenance, but has never been repaired. Motorists have to avoid this portion of the road and drive over the pavement to refrain from damaging their vehicles. Potholes cover each and every street in Kempville and is now affecting safe driving in the area.

Will the problems of potholes ever be eliminated in our streets, is the big question. Proper care and maintenance is a definite answer to give some profound relief to the residents. Temporary fixing is definitely not an answer and a permanent solution is required immediately as this is costing motorists, because their vehicles are being damaged when using these roads.

Kempville Roads Are Being Patched
Potholes on Chris Barnard Lane

Kempville Roads Are Being Patched
Temporary repairs done in Kempville on
Mosque Road

Kempville Roads Are Being Patched
Kempville Roads Are Being Patched

Kempville Roads Are Being Patched
Temparary patch

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