Horrific Sights at Town Dam

Horrific Sights at our Local Town Dam
A repulsive sight awaits anyone that decides to visit our local town dam, which was once a peaceful quiet place used by many to absorb the beauty of nature.

Sadly many residents have defeated the purpose of preserving nature as they don’t even put any effort into trying to keep our nature sites clean. The town dam is now being used as a car wash and people throw litter into the water which is affecting the aquatic animals. Pollution is seen as one of the major issues that is affecting the dam. “People are using the dam as a disposal for sewage and waste” said a local resident. The condition of the area surrounding the dam is unkept and filled with litter and broken bottles. When are our residents going to realise that natural sites needs to be maintained, and kept clean as this is a tourist attraction for our town.

The dam used to be a serene, peaceful environment which was much appreciated by many nature lovers, until it became a manmade car wash and a dumping site. How will our aquatic animals survive this harsh treatment and how hygienic is it to visit the dam if it is used as a sewage dump? Our town’s natural sites are rapidly detorioating, from a thriving nature haven to becoming a disaster site due to urbanization. Habitat loss and destruction are clearly seen in this area. If we don’t realise how serious this issue is and how it is affecting our natural environment, then we are definitely headed for disaster, as the aquatic animals will no longer survive the extreme pollution in the dam waters.

Horrific Sights at our Local Town Dam

Horrific Sights at our Local Town Dam
The bridge which is damaged and has never been replacd