Crime Related News

Crime Related News
Accident Piet Retief

Crime Related News – The Mkhondo area is not free of serious crimes, in fact, murder seems to be the order of the day at present. During the past weekend a person was murdered in Amsterdam, in town.

The victim was apparently busy parking their car, when shots were fired and the victim was killed. Residents are warned to please be vigilant and on the look-out at all times. The incident happened in town at a residential address, the victim’s own home. The matter is still being investigated.

On Saturday afternoon a wellknown farmer, from the farm Geelhoutboom near Panbult (SAPS district of Dirkiesdorp), was brutally assaulted and murdered. Mr Bernie van Zyl died after sustaining serious head injuries. At about 16:45, his friend, Ms Charlotte Giddy, arrived and pressed the panic button.

She was brutally assaulted as well and sustained serious injuries. She was hospitalised in the Ermelo Mediclinic and sadly died in the early morning hours of 19 January. Farmers from all over reacted promptly to Ms Giddy’s alarm and the police and paramedics were at the scene soon, as well.

One suspect, a Swazi citizen, was arrested later on the same day and he appeared in court on 19 January when the matter was transferred to Dirkiesdorp, to 21 January. The accused is still in custody. This arrest, however, could not be accomplished without the help of the whole community, especially the rural residents of the area. This was the first farm attack in the area since 2012, but the second time that the Van Zyl farm was targeted.

On Sunday 17, January, at about 22:00 shots could be heard by various residents in Piet Retief. The reason seemed to be a police “chase” which resulted in some shooting. The SAPS in Ermelo had received information about a certain BMW motor vehicle that was transporting drugs (dagga) and that would be passing through inter alia Ermelo and Amersfoort.

When the suspect driver of the said vehicle realised that he had been noticed by the police, he sped off, which resulted in a chase. It seems as if the driver of the white BMW eventually lost control and the motor vehicle crashed through the wall and fence opposite the Methodist Church on the corner of Kruger- and Westend Street. One person was killed during the accident, but apparently no one was shot.

Dagga was indeed found in the motor vehicle and the deceased had been armed.

The matter is being investigated. Burglaries are still reported quite often, the latest being at a large business, in Retief Street, during the weekend. According to the Dirkiesdorp SAPS, house robberies are currently also a big problem in Driefontein.

In spite of barriers being put up at the N2 entrance to town from the Ermelo side, trucks are still overnighting there and diesel is still being stolen from them.

Thank you to all who patrol the streets at night and who take hands in combating crime. A warning from the police: Please be careful, a lot of so-called scams are going around which can result in substantial financial losses for you. From a victim of such a scam: “Be carefull when using social media and do not copy and paste …”

The white BMW that had crashed through the wall and fence
The white BMW that had crashed through the wall and fence