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Correctional Services Continuously Crave Community Service – The Piet Retief Correctional Services do not lag behind when a national programme is hosted.

The staff of Community Corrections (Piet Retief), parolees, probationers and two sentenced offenders, visited Sibahle and Ezwelile Primary Schools on respectively the 19th and 26th of January. The premises at these schools were cleaned and the gardens were given a facelift by cultivating them and mowing lawns and cutting long grass. They also did repairs on the school buildings. The cleaning campaigns formed part of the nationwide programme, using labour to contribute to the rehabilitation of parolees and offenders, while advancing the DCS’s mandate of reducing possible reoffending and also ensuring successful integration of ex- offenders into communities.

Off course it is also a way of paying back to the community for wrongs done. The visits to Sibahle and eZwelile were only but the start of 2016’s campaigns for the Piet Retief Correctional Services as they intend carrying on doing 2015’s good work right through this year, going to different places. Mr Wilfred Sibego of the Community Corrections (Piet Retief) expresses his heartfelt thanks to their supervisor, Mr Simelane, for organising these two DEADLINES FOR BLOCK ADVERTS MONDAY AT 17:00 DEADLINES FOR CLASSIFEID ADVERTS WEDNESDAY AT 09:00 DEADLINES FOR NEWS ARTICLES TUESDAY AT 12:00 successful campaigns.

He also wants to thank all the officials for their cooperation, they all participated in some or other way. He urges all to please keep up the good work. All who took part in the campaigns are thanked – from those who did the organising to the sentenced offenders who drove the tractors with the slashers. Thank you! The SGB, principals and staff of both schools thanked all for a job well done as well. May another school benefit from your hard work soon!

Correctional Services Continuously Crave Community Service
Correctional Services Continuously
Crave Community Service