Bulk electricity supply

Excelsior News - Letter to Editor
Excelsior News - Letter to Editor
I write this for all to read and with that I include the Mkhondo Local Municipality. I refer to the advert placed in the Excelsior News dated 15/01/2016, by our Local Municipality, of the pending termination of bulk electricity supply.

May I remind you, Mkhondo Local Municipality, that the National Consumer Act allows me and others, who have paid for your services, to apply for the liquidation of the Local Municipality for failure to supply such services. Your failure to meet your commitments to Eskom is through no fault of the consumer, but due to the failure of the Local Municipality to fulfil its mandate. The failure to collect arrear monies due and the failure to implement your own policies coupled with the wasteful expenditure on matters not pertaining to service delivery has lead to the collapse of the finances of the Municipality.

You request in your advert that the public should work with the Municipality to avoid the interruption of power supply. You, Mkhondo Municipality, should have worked NOT to let such a situation materialise in the first instance. Get your act together and do the job that the consumer is paying you to do or face the consequences.

Kind regards. David Hancock