Assaulted while cycling

Excelsior News - Letter to Editor
Excelsior News - Letter to Editor

On Wednesday, 20 January 2016, my wife and I were cycling behind Piet Retief High School when we were assaulted.

We were Assaulted while cycling by two men by throwing us with rocks and by repeatedly trying to stab my wife with a screwdriver. We handed over the bicycles after which they still pursued us by throwing rocks at us and hitting us with branches and verbally threatening our lives whilst using very bad grammar (swear words and general illiteracy).

They took off on our bicycles. We ran home and immediately phoned the SAPS in Piet Retief. Upon phoning the SAPS at exactly 17:52 and urging them to come to the crime scene because the suspects were only about 10 minutes away, the person from the SAPS said that they couldn’t come at that moment because they had a shift change.

SAPS officers only arrived about two hours later with the excuse that it is difficult to find my house. Descriptions of the two stolen bicycles: 1. Blue and white TREK-bicycle with disc brakes. 2. Brown and white TREK-bicycle.

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Descriptions of the two suspects and the clothes they wore at the time of the incident: 1. Medium height, skinny, very dark complexion, short hair with a navy blue sweater with white cuffs and waist and blue denim jeans. 2. Medium height, skinny, light complexion, short hair with a red/orange T-shirt and blue denim jeans.

Wian van Zyl