Municipality incompetency

Excelsior News - Letter to Editor
Excelsior News - Letter to Editor
Following on my letter in last week’s edition of the Excelsior News and also the notice by Mkhondo Local Municipality in that edition of pending cuts to the electricity supply by Eskom, it certainly proves my point that the Municipality is suffering from a severe dose of incompetency.

Last week I wrote a letter to the Municipality Manager asking him why we have not received our municipal accounts for electricity, water and all services rendered by them since 1 September 2015 and that the proceeds for the services over this period could amount to approximately R20 million. If they had just done their duty as per legislation and charge for their services on a monthly basis they would not be in the tragic predicament of possibly having Eskom cut our electricity supply. Whether this actually happens or not is immaterial but it does show the incompetence of the management and the Mayoral Executive Committee who are supposed to oversee the performance of the Municipal Manager and heads of the departments.

They should all do the honourable thing and resign and hopefully allow competent people to take over. Another issue that also troubles me about their incompetence, is the fact that there are five employees who were suspended from their positions five years ago and have continued to receive pay and increases annually since then. This is gross wasteful expenditure of taxpayers money at it’s best and could be in the region of about R4 million over this period. Apart from the wasteful expenditure this is an unfair labour practice and must adversely affect each and every one of them. This also shows an arrogant attitude from the Municipal Manager and the Executive Mayoral Committee who obviously don’t have any idea of fair labour practices. #Thismanage-mentmustfail


Rob Wilson