Trucks Nuisance in Town

Trucks Nuisance

Trucks Nuisance in Town – Everyone seemed to be excited during 2015, when traffic officers and others cleared the town of trucks during the night.

Trucks were also removed when parking at illegal spots. Crime seemed to drop at the time and traffic could move about in town in a safer way as the trucks often block motorists’ view when entering various roads.

Since last year residents have been phoning in to complain about large trucks causing traffic congestion and build up, as well as ruining road surfaces and pavements in Smit Street, Pretorius Street, Kotze Street and even Church Street. The drivers of these trucks seem to all want to fill up with diesel at one place and will do anything they can to do so.

Some of them park on the wrong side of the road, double-park, make u-turns in Pretorius Street (which is definitely not on the route for heavy motor vehicles) and even park in front of entrances to homes. The area has become rather dangerous for pedestrians and motorists alike, as trucks seem to be ever present and they impair visibility due to their size. Traffic police act when alerted, but is there not perhaps a long term solution to this problem?

Trucks Nuisance
Traffic build-up like this has become a common sight in town.