Area Becoming a Dump Site

Residential Area Becoming a Dump Site
Residents have raised concern in Kempville as the vacant plot is now becoming a dump site. Areas that have been affected are Chris Barnard Lane, Springbok Lane and Jacaranda Street.

Shocking sights await many residents as they open their front doors or kitchen windows as the local rubbish is being disposed near their homes. The unhygienic state of these areas is disgusting as the residents themselves have been disposing of their rubbish in this way. Children and dogs are seen scavenging through the mess and this is seen as a health hazard, as soiled nappies and broken glass bottles are lying around.

The dump sites are being infected with rats and flies. The question is that, as there is a waste removal service in the area every Wednesday, why is the public not using the service? The community has to take accountability and we need to protect our environment. An urgent appeal is made to the public to notify the waste department at the local municipality of any waste dumping in a residential area as this is illegal and offenders will be held liable and fined.

We have contacted the waste department at our local municipality and we are still awaiting their response regarding how the issues raised can be resolved. Residents are fed-up with how the streets are looking and are willing to come forward with the “name and shame strategy” in order to bring perpetrators to book. Hopefully residents will find some relief soon as they wait for assistance regarding their streets becoming a dump site.


Residential Area Becoming a Dump Site


Residential Area Becoming a Dump Site