Local Artist BringingitHome

Local Artist BringingitHome
A fan with Tru Vilakazi
Piet Retief is a small town with enormous hidden talent and that was proven right when Tru Vilakazi, our local artist, went big and live and launched his latest album ‘finding Nomusa’ in Piet Retief, with a group called Witness The Funk.

The turnout was phenomenal as many fans flocked in to support him and his crew at the opening held at the Sthuli Hleza Hall in eThandukukhanya.

The crowd was awed by the amazing talent that enlivened the night. Witness The Funk brought much needed entertainment with the vibrant crew entertaining the supporters. The event showcased our local artist and allowed our town to support our very own superstar. Tru Vilakazi is a popular artist succeeding in the entertainment industry which empowers our youth and motivates them to know that we surely have talent and we can place our town on the map.

The vibrant atmosphere drew the crowd towards the extreme live entertainment. Tru Vilakazi is very thankful to Piet Retief and all his fans for their outstanding support in helping him to place “finding Nomusa” on their tracklist. He would also like to thank Piet Retief Hospital EMS for their services as well as Miss Gert Sibande, Andrea Abrahams, for her guest appearance.