Kempville Clean-up A Huge Success

Kempville Clean-up A Huge Success

An amazing difference has been noted in the streets of Kempville as it was brought to the Municipality’s attention that unlawful dumping was taking place there.

The Waste Department did a spectacular job in cleaning up the streets that were highlighted in the Excelsior News last week. Residents of Kempville raised concerns about the mess and were really upset about the unhygienic dump that was created at the corner of two streets. Last week Richard Msibi, together with his team from the Waste Department, took on the task of cleaning up and making the area look great again. Chris Barnard Lane, Springbok Lane and Jacaranda Street were the main targets for Richard and his team.

It’s great to see our Municipality reaching out to the community and taking care of the residents’ concerns. Notice boards have been put up and a fine of up to R500 can be given to transgressors. “Dumping at an unauthorized site is illegal and residents need to adhere to the law or they will be held accountable,” said Richard. An appeal to the public from Richard and his team was to please take note of any illegal dumping and report it to the Waste Department immediately.

Kempville Clean-up A Huge Success Kempville Clean-up A Huge Success

Kempville Clean-up A Huge Success
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