Gifts to all newborn babies

Excelsior News - Letter to Editor
Excelsior News - Letter to Editor

What a wonderful gesture from the Mkhondo Municipality to give gifts to all the newborn babies born on Christmas day and New Years day as shown in the Excelsior News on 8 January 2016.

This did not happen last year and one has to wonder if the giving of gifts has anything to do with the local elections that will be taking place this year. The birth of a child is certainly a gift from God and if any other gifts are received, especially from the Municipality, then these children are greatly blessed. Unfortunately the funds to pay for these gifts come from tax payers and not from the people who handed out the gifts.

Mr Editor, I understand that the Mkhondo Municipality owes Eskom in the region of R37 million and had great difficulty in paying the salaries and wages to their staff and the allowances to the Councillors during December 2015. Creditor payments are in arrears as per legislation which stipulates that all creditors should be paid within 30 days.

Their debtor book is out of control with one family run company owing in excess of R670 000-00 and many other companies and householders owing more than R100 000-00 each. There is a policy, approved by the Mkhondo Council, for the collection of all revenue owing to the Municipality, but our Municipality does not adhere to this policy and does not enforce the collection of outstanding funds. There are also employees who are in heavy debt with long outstanding accounts that are not paid and no action is taken.

I sincerely wonder how Mkhondo Municipality can dish out gifts to the mothers of newborn babies if they do not have sufficient funds to pay their liabilities. They are not enforcing their basic duty to run the municipality as a going concern and adhere to the budget and approved policies. It seems that the politicians are dictating their will on the management. I just wonder also if the expenditure for these gifts were approved by the Council when they approved the budget in June 2015. Regards.

Rob Wilson