Bad Work after Laying Electrical Cables

Wrapping up Work after Laying Electrical Cables?
The Mark Street entrance to the church

Excelsior News team has been receiving numerous complaints regarding the recent installation of electrical cables, mostly in Mark Street.

These cables were laid from the main substation to the mini substation next to Huis Immergroen and work was done speedily. There are, however concerns about the state of streets, pavements and entrances as they were left unkempt after the work had been done. Access to the Post Office from the Mark Street side is currently a nightmare. Older people using postboxes really find moving there quite difficult.

Entrances and even part of Smit Street, at the Dutch Reformed (NG) Church are in a bad state too and access to the back of Spar for deliveries, is a mess too. Of course the Mkhondo litterbugs are grabbing the opportunity to make an even a bigger mess … The following questions were raised with the municipality, who have promised to revert back to us soon: 1. Have the contractors finished their job? 2. Have they been paid whether they have finished or not? 3.

Who is responsible for neatening and fixing all problem areas? 4. When is it estimated that things will be back to normal? The idea with raising the above questions was not to complain, but merely to find out when everything will be back to normal again. This will of course include neat and safe (for walking and driving) pavements and streets. The Mkhondo Municipality’s response is now awaited.

Wrapping up Work after Laying Electrical Cables?
The delivery entrance to the spar complex