Cut off the water supply

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Over Christmas Mkhondo Municipality decided to play Krampus, the anti-Santa and cut off the water supply to our street in Amsterdam.

We had to endure this because it was Christmas and we know people want to spend time with their families but it certainly didn’t make our Christmas fun. Recently in the middle of the night we had to turn off two of our valves because our water was cut off again.

So what is the excuse this time? Yes, we know there is a drought, but we also know that the impact of this drought is increased due to the lack of maintenance and poor management that plagues many local governments throughout the country. I am so sick of the balderdash excuses that comes from the municipality. EVERY MONTH we have NO running water in our house for 5 days at a time.

Now it is drought. Before that it was a range of excuses that were laughable. What will it be when there is rain? I hope that people remember this when the local government elections roll around. I hope they remember that it is the same councillors who spin this load of crap who are asking for their jobs back. And I hope that they choose someone else. #anyonebutthe- ANC! Yours sincerely, Cynthia Richardson