Three Serious Accidents

Truck accident

Three serious accidents occurred on the N2 near Piet Retief from 19 to 21 November –

two on the Pongola Road and one on the Ermelo Road. Both, a large heavy motor vehicle and a light motor vehicle, tumbled down a bridge (about 35 metres high) after a headon collision between the two had occurred on Thursday morning, 19 November, at about 07:00. Apparently an abnormal load was approaching Piet Retief from the Pongola side at the time.

An escort vehicle driving in front of the abnormal load vehicle to warn oncoming motorists then allegedly went ahead to stop traffic crossing the bridge ….. from the Piet Retief side. An oncoming truck then stopped, as instructed, but apparently another one behind it had not noticed or understood what was going on in time and tried to overtake the first one. A head-on collision then occurred between the escort vehicle and the second truck. The impact seemed to have forced them over the side of the bridge and the car was totally smashed during the incident. Sadly, the driver of the escort vehicle was fatally injured. The escort vehicle could only be identified as a Datsun by a badge that had been left behind on the bridge.

The next day, Friday, 22 November and on the same road and at about 06:00 in the morning, a driver lost control of her vehicle for as yet, an unknown reason. It seems as if the vehicle slipped and hit the barriers on one side of the road. The impact of this sent the car skidding over to the other side of the road where it went through the barriers and beyond, into the veld. One person sustained minor injuries during the incident.

The third accident occurred on 22 November just after 08:00 near Bisonboard. A driver apparently lost control over her vehicle (a Toyota Tazz) for a reason unknown at present and allegedly drove into a group of trucks, colliding heavily with one of them. Both vehicles had apparently been on speed (not necessarily speeding) and the collision therefore occurred with great impact. The driver of the Tazz sustained serious injuries.

The holiday season is upon us and there are always people who hurry to holiday destinations. Traffic has a tendency to build up and the even congest. Please be patient, take special care when driving and consider your fellow passengers and other drivers and their passengers before doing something stupid or reckless. Safe driving!

The Tazz after the collision
The Tazz after the collision
What the truck looked like after the collision
What the truck looked like after the
The Volkswagen after it had crashed
through the barriers into the veld